Here, at Classic Motors, we are collectors, curators, restorers and aficionados. But above all, we are drivers. Our passion for the perfect drive fuels our work. That starts with the curation of the best restoration candidates, continues with high-quality customer service, and is capped with transparency in our restoration process with full photo and video documentation of every vehicle.

We believe that purchasing or ordering a restored classic car should be a fun and transparent process. We invite you to explore our restoration brands and contact us if you have any questions. We'd love to talk with you.

Our Showroom

Our Showroom

Our Showroom


Our Miami showroom is a climate-controlled warehouse where our private collection vehicles are stored under careful watch and where the final inspection of all client vehicles is performed. This showroom also has a photo and video studio where our professional photographer takes a parting shot of each car before it heads out to meet its new owner. These shots form part of the extensive documentation included with each vehicle.

The showroom is by appointment only. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our Production Facility

Our production facility

Our Production facility


All of our work is performed by our professional staff in-house at our production facility, including body work, engine work, paint, powder coating, and upholstery. Our full staff of production professionals manages the timeline of each individual vehicle, with full photographic documentation of the process as shown on our website.

The Team

Nelson Calle

Nelson Calle

Nelson is a lifelong automobile racer and enthusiast. As a child, he spent his weekends on a farm, where he learned how to drive TOYOTA and Nissan 4x4's almost as early as he learned how to walk. By age six, Nelson was already building and racing gasoline powered R/C cars. But, when he was twenty-one, he fell in love for the first time - with a 1994 White Porsche RS America. Since then, he has maintained close ties with Porsche, racing them on the track and enjoying them on the road.

While Nelson is the Chief Executive Officer for Classic Motors, more importantly, he is responsible for the final testing and inspection of each car until it reaches perfection.

Juan Calle

Juan Diego Calle

Juan is a serial entrepreneur in the Internet industry, having built and sold a couple of Internet businesses. At Classic Motors, he is responsible for the company's growth plans, including finance and internet and marketing strategy. Many of you may have spoken with him already, as he enjoys attending personally to customers and helping them design their dream build.  

Keith Ennis

Keith Ennis
Sales and Procurement Director

Keith is the ultimate classic car fanatic. With over 20 years of experience as a vintage automobile specialist, he's purchased, sold, and appraised 911's and other classic cars for many years. Because it's fun and he's good at it, Keith has also built a lot of 911 hot rods. In his spare time, he's an active member of and Driving Education Instructor for the Porsche Club of America. You'll still find him on the track - not as an instructor, but as a guru of racing vintage Porsches.

Joey Pomerenke

Joey Pomerenke
General Manager - Texas

A classic car enthusiast and collector, Joey's love for everything automobile started as a child with his cousin's 1979 BMW 320i. It was nothing special, but it started a lifelong love affair. He still maintains close ties with the old E21 BMWs, but his passion lies with German sports cars, and most recently FJ Land Cruisers!

Joey is our in-house Texan, where he overseas our Sales & Service Center in Dallas. He is responsible for making sure our Texas clients always have a smile on their face.

Juan Rivas

Juan Rivas
Creative Director

Juan is our in-house Creative Director, web expert, social media manager and photographer. He directs everything from interacting with our clients via Instagram to taking the incredible photographs on our site.

Raul Canelli

Raul Canelli
Chief Engineer

Raul is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer who was lucky enough to dedicate his life to classic automobiles. Raul heads our shop in Miami, where he applies his vast experience as a former Ford engineer.

Linda Koritkoski

Linda Koritkoski

Linda manages all aspects of our marketing execution - including our advertising and events planning. If you see the Classic logo on something, you can bet she she has reviewed it in detail!


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