Discover eternal youth behind the wheel of this impeccable Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang is a car that never feels old. Somehow this classic muscle car manages to remain current and cool. Perhaps this is due to the roaring engine, a 289 cubic inch Ford V8 with an Edelbrock 4-barrel and new exhaust manifolds. Or perhaps it is due to the gorgeous grille, with iconic chrome detailing and lamps. Or maybe it has to do with how stunning the car looks as it thunders down the road with its black convertible top down.

The show-quality paint job on this model gives it a consistent glossy Raven Black sheen. Red GT stripes were added for a sporty vibe. The lines of the car benefit from a stellar restoration that achieved perfectly aligned gaps and panels. The finished product is clearly the work of master craftsmen with years of experience molding OEM sheetmetal.

The freshly polished chrome door handles, windshield wipers and rear and side view mirrors are all factory-correct and spotless. On this pony, even the seatbelt covers, set across black fully refurbished seat covers, shine. Every button and gauge on the wood- and chrome-accented dashboard begs to be pushed or pulled. Go ahead. Everything works like it did when this classic left Ford’s factory floor.

New floor mats and the spare tire in the fully restored trunk also make the car look and feel like new. But, although fifty years old, this classic Mustang is by no means a stiff drive. Modern features like power steering, air conditioning and new disc brakes guarantee a smooth experience behind the wheel. Feel free to turn up the radio, as this factory-correct feature is also fully functional.

This beautiful Mustang packs plenty of muscle but also offers a comfortable and easy drive. It’s an ideal choice for those who know that the secret to collecting great cars is having fun on the road.


  • Fully restored 289 cubic inch Ford V8 engine
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Original Ford radio
  • Power steering
  • Pristine paint job
  • 14 inch correct Mustang wheels and tires
  • Impeccably restored interior

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Meet our 1965 GT Ford Mustang :

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