CLASSIC.COM PRO: Jeffrey Silverman

Jeff has been a car fanatic for as long as he can remember. As a child, he would watch endless episodes of his favorite TV show – Knight Rider – and read his favorite automotive magazines every chance he got. It was a pretty typical upbringing for a kid that was into cars, but that all changed during a summer break from college when Jeff accepted a role at an exotic car dealership in New York. At age 19 he was fortunate enough to be able to drive all the cars he had always dreamed of, and he was hooked for life.

Jeff’s automotive journey has been an exciting one ever since. He started out modifying cars, and eventually began to buy and sell sports cars while fixing them up himself. The collector bug eventually caught Jeff and he started seeking out the rarest spec cars and has been fortunate enough to own some very special cars. Over the years Jeff has partaken in auto cross events, track days, road rallies and plenty of cars and coffee events.

When Jeff isn’t playing with sports cars, he spends his free time with his daughter exploring their home state of North Carolina. He’s a regular at the airport, loves trying new restaurants and is a big sports fan.

Jeff’s Favorite Markets

Jeff specializes in Toyota Supras, Acura NSX’s, Datsun Z’s, Toyota MR2’s to name a few and pretty much any Japanese car ever sold in the US.  He currently owns 3 MKIV Toyota Supra Turbos, a Supercharged Acura NSX and an Audi RS3.