Sell your car with CLASSIC.COM

We know a thing or two about selling specialty cars – modern or classic. Let’s get your car sold.

Through our premier consignment & auction services we’ll find a new owner for your vehicle – and make the process seamless and enjoyable.

Upon consignment, your specialty car will be inspected, photographed, and stored in a secure facility.  After that, we’ll start a rigorous process to market your car widely, leveraging our audience and an extensive network of dealer and auction providers. Once a buyer has been identified, we’ll worry about the (not-so-little) details – viewing appointments, payment collection, dealing with title, transportation, etc.

No need to worry about internet scams, tire kickers, nor answering a bunch of technical questions – leave it in the hands of professionals (us).

Our service includes:

  • Valuation
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Transparent marketing (Fixed-price or via Auction)
  • Q&A with prospective buyers
  • Closing paperwork 
  • Post-sale transportation coordination

Why consign with us:

  • Industry experts
  • Marketing power
  • Peace of mind

Want to keep the car in your possession?  Ask us about our virtual consignment option.

Interested in selling your car with CLASSIC.COM?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Our consignment service is for specialty car owners who wish to have their car sold by a professional through the most effective channels. We only accept consignments for specialty cars – classic or modern cars with unique characteristics. The car must be in the US and in road-worthy condition. You must also:

  1. Have proof of Title to the car – if it’s financed, we will need pay-off info with lender.
  2. Need to execute our Consignment Agreement, which includes the Minimum Price you’re willing to sell the car for. 
  3. Be willing to abide by our Transparent Marketing philosophy.

Can I just post an ad for my car on CLASSIC.COM?

No. Listings on our website are provided by our listing partners or through consignment with us. If your car is listed with one of our partners, or via consignment with us, it is likely to appear on CLASSIC.COM. We do not sell classified ads.

What is Transparent Marketing?

We are obsessed with transparency. In fact, we fundamentally believe that the market for specialty cars is growing because it is now more transparent. Our approach to marketing your car will follow that philosophy: present it exactly like it is, no superlatives, and let the car sell itself. More buyers will come. 

Who will sell my car?

We will match you to one of our professionals who is an expert in selling specialty cars like yours. That professional will lead our team in preparing a valuation analysis and coordinating the inspection, photography, video, and listing write-up. Once that is complete, we’ll create and execute a targeted marketing plan for your car using the most effective channels.

Where will my car be sold?

Every car is different. Depending on the specifics, our team will choose the best channel(s) to sell your car. It could be directly to a retail buyer that is browsing our website, a dealer in our network, or through one of the online or offline auctions featured on our website.

Should I just go directly to a dealer or auction?

If you have the time and expertise, go for it! Our service is for individuals who want to sell their car through a professional. This offers many benefits, including selling your car for the best price, freeing up your time, and providing anonymity during the sale process.

I am a dealer or auction, how can I be included in this program?

The dealer and auction partners that are featured on our website are a primary resource for our consignment program. If you are not yet listed on our website, please apply here. If you are already listed, simply contact your account manager to express interest.

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