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Data on CLASSIC.COM We are on a mission to empower buyers and sellers of collector cars with the information they need to inform their next purchase or sale. We have built a powerful search engine that helps people find vehicle listings from across the world. We search deep and wide, and present our results in a simple format, while providing easy access to the source of each listing. SEE OUR DATA SOURCES INCLUDE YOUR LISTINGS
Data Sources
Below is a list of all of the data sources included on CLASSIC.COM. Are you interested in having your listings
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Include Your Listings
For sellers, CLASSIC.COM is a meaningful source of new leads for consignments, sales, and market information. If you manage an auction or dealer website, please contact us to express interest. We require that all sources be available in English and provide both upcoming and historical listings with up-to-date, accurate, factual, public information, including but not limited to:
  • Year, Make and Model
  • Location at time of sale
  • VIN
  • Price
  • Status, 'For Sale' or 'Sold'
  • Text Description
  • Images
We reserve the right to approve or deny any inclusion requests at our own discretion, and remove data sources and/or listings that lack transparency, are misleading, outdated, or used as "click bait" to attract leads for other vehicles or purposes.
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