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Back in 2010, my brother and I started The FJ Company , restoring and building some of the coolest classic Land Cruisers on the planet. It's a passion project. We love classic cars, but Land Cruisers run in our blood.
Along the way, we also invested in some of our favorite cars from childhood – cars like the 993 Porsche GT2, the BMW M1, the 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Some we own, and many others remain in our bucket list.
In doing so, we encountered a problem: Finding cars was difficult. Getting pricing and comps was even harder. Not to mention the lack of transparency! We decided to solve some of these problems through technology (our other passion) and created a search engine and pricing database for ourselves.
Eventually we made it available to friends and family – and they loved it. So we made the website available to everyone on CLASSIC.COM in 2020, and a startup was born.
Today our team is growing. Our user base is growing. What started as a solution for our own needs, is now a solution for classic and exotic car enthusiasts around the world. And we're just getting started.
We hope you enjoy your visit. If you do, don’t hesitate to tell a friend.
- Juan Diego Calle, CEO / Co-founder

How it works

We have built a powerful search engine that helps collectors and enthusiasts find classic and exotic cars for sale at auctions and dealers around the world. We search deep and wide, and present our results in a simple format, while providing easy access to the source of each listing.
As we find new listings, we assign each listing a standardized set of attributes we call Base Specs: things like color, transmission type, body style, and importantly, originality status.
Associated with that curation process, we are developing the most comprehensive Taxonomy of collector car makes and models known to exist. This Taxonomy (a work in progress), along with Base Specs, allows us to create comparable data sets that produce far more accurate pricing information for very specific models and model variants.
We then present that pricing to our users via Markets that allow them to find listings for sale, or via Garage to allow them to track comparable sales for specific vehicles.
Lastly, we have built a network of professionals that know the classic and exotic car market. When you are ready to sell your car, sell it with a Pro who will handle the entire process for you, including listing it on CLASSIC.COM.
If you are a buyer – get started by exploring our Markets or getting Comps for your favorite car .
If you are an auction or dealer – learn how to include your listings .
If you are a private seller – let us help you sell your car .

Meet our Team

Juan Diego Calle portrait image

Juan Diego Calle

CEO / Co-founder

Nelson Calle portrait image

Nelson Calle

Co-founder / Chief Collector

Andy Braselton portrait image

Andy Braselton

Market Specialist

Favorite market

Porsche 356 A Coupe
Santiago Caballero portrait image

Santiago Caballero

Director, Vehicle Markets/Taxonomy

Favorite market

BMW 3 Series - E30
Pablo Esguerra portrait image

Pablo Esguerra

Data Operations

David Kennedy portrait image

David Kennedy


Linda Koritkoski portrait image

Linda Koritkoski

VP, Marketing & Operations / Co-founder

Favorite market

Volkswagen Golf - Mk4
Tom Lackner portrait image

Tom Lackner

VP, Technology / Co-founder

Favorite market

AM General Humvee
Neil Lyons portrait image

Neil Lyons


Favorite market

Tesla Model S
Steve Manners portrait image

Steve Manners

Market Specialist

Favorite market

Jeep CJ7
Mike Martinez portrait image

Mike Martinez


Favorite market

Ford Mustang - 1st Gen
Tony Papa portrait image

Tony Papa

Sr. Product Manager

Favorite market

BMW M3 E46
Joey Pomerenke portrait image

Joey Pomerenke

Director, Pro Network

Favorite market

Range Rover Series 1
Diego Ponce de Leon portrait image

Diego Ponce de Leon

Market Specialist

Favorite market

Mercedes-Benz 560SL
Juan Rivas portrait image

Juan Rivas

Market Specialist

Erik Schulze portrait image

Erik Schulze

VP, Product

Favorite market

Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
Austin Scola portrait image

Austin Scola

Market Specialist

Luke Strickland portrait image

Luke Strickland


Rosa Subirat portrait image

Rosa Subirat


James Uttaro portrait image

James Uttaro


Favorite market

Nissan 240SX - S13


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