Sell your classic or exotic car
List your classic or exotic car for sale on CLASSIC.COM through one of our verified partners.
Listings on CLASSIC.COM are from third-party auctions, dealers, and verified partners. Apply today to get matched with a professional who will help you set an asking price, prepare the car, and market it on our search engine and across our marketing network.
Our verified partners have the expertise to set the right asking price, handle all inquiries, help you negotiate a winning offer, and assist with the final hand-off to the buyer.
Quality listings require professional photos, videos, and full write-up. Our verified partners will walk you through preparation and list the car on CLASSIC.COM and across our marketing network.
Peace of mind
Let a professional handle the hassle. From answering questions to filtering out tire kickers and scams - they are here to help. Once a sale is made, they'll take care of the paperwork and logistics.

How it works

Valuation & Agreement
Get matched with a verified partner and set the marketing plan.
  • Review comps
  • Decide asking price, and/or set reserve if going to auction
  • Sign an exclusive agreement with your partner
  • STEP 2
    Showcase your car in its best light for potential buyers.
  • Professional photos & videos
  • Carfax & third-party inspection
  • Full write-up, including transparent disclosure of any known issues
  • STEP 3
    Get your car in front of qualified buyers.
  • Listing on CLASSIC.COM
  • Distribution across our marketing network
  • Auction (when appropriate)
  • STEP 4
    Finalize the sale
    Get help with paperwork, logistics, and hand-off to the buyer.
  • Negotiate with buyers & accept an offer
  • Documentation & logistic support
  • Get paid directly by the buyer
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    Not ready to sell, but want to know what your car is worth? Track comps for your car in your Garage.
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