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1974 Volkswagen Thing
1974 Volkswagen Thing
1974 Volkswagen Thing
STATUS: $8,000 SOLD · Mar 24, 2017
VIN: 1842470900
LOCATION: Greensboro, NC

This 1974 Volkswagen Thing was last sold at the GAA March` (2017) classic car auction on Mar 24, 2017

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1974 Volkswagen Thing
1974 Volkswagen Thing

$8,000 SOLD · Mar 24, 2017 · GAA March` (2017) Lot #FR0011

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Volkswagen Thing(1971 to 1980)

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The Thing, as it was known in the United States, was a military vehicle manufactured by Volkswagen. The Type 181 was created as a military…. Learn more.

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