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Ferrari 166 Inter(1948 to 1950)

The Ferrari 166 Inter was Ferrari's first true grand tourer. An evolution of the 125 S and 166 S racing cars, it was a sports car for the… Read more

The Ferrari 166 Inter was Ferrari's first true grand tourer. An evolution of the 125 S and 166 S racing cars, it was a sports car for the street with coachbuilt bodies. The Inter name commemorated the victories claimed in 166 S models by Scuderia Inter. A total of 38 166 Inters were built from 1948 through 1950. It was replaced by the 2.3 L Ferrari 195 Inter in 1950.

Ferrari 166 Inter FAQs(Show)

Q: What years was the Ferrari 166 Inter sold?

A: The Ferrari 166 Inter was sold for model years 1948 to 1950.

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